3 Cold Laser Therapy Applications

Cold laser therapy, also called low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a very diverse medical procedure with a range of applications. A patient may receive laser therapy as an alternative to liposuction surgery, or a patient may receive laser therapy for pain. The same tool is used for different procedures and to treat very different problems by altering tissue function and metabolism at the cellular level.

Cold lasers offer a painless, noninvasive alternative to many traditional cosmetic and medical treatments. Because lasers are super focused beams of light, they can target extremely small areas without affecting the surrounding tissue. Cold lasers have the ability to target tissue beneath the skin’s surface without damaging the skin itself. They can also be applied over large areas to address issues such as pain and weight loss.

Cold Laser Therapy for Neck and Shoulder Pain
Cold laser therapy works on a basic level by stimulating cells. The laser light application speeds up cells’ natural metabolic processes, which expedite the body’s natural healing processes and its ability to heal itself. Lasers can be applied to an acute injury or a surgical incision/treatment area to reduce inflammation and speed up the healing of the wound. Because the body’s ability to heal itself is increased, the patient experiences less pain because the healing process is already underway.

The process applies to chronic pain as well, as in the case of chronic neck and shoulder pain. Inflammation is reduced by stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal, kicking the process into high gear and lowering pain just as quickly as an oral painkiller. Laser therapy is currently the only medical application that addresses chronic pain noninvasively, without the use of surgery or pain relieving medications.

Cold Laser Therapy for Body Contouring
While the cold laser works as a medical laser to address medical issues, it also works as a cosmetic laser to address cosmetic issues. When used for body contouring, cold lasers are often referred to as liposuction lasers because they can produce the same results as liposuction surgery, but completely non-invasively, without any incisions, pain, swelling, bruising, or downtime after the procedure. In fact, cold lasers are often used in conjunction with liposuction surgery because they increase the procedure’s weight loss results and help both prevent and reduce the swelling, inflammation, and bruising normally associated with liposuction.

Cold Laser Therapy for Acne
When used for a procedure like body contouring, lasers are applied over a large surface area. When used for an application such as acne treatment, a single beam of super focused light is used to target the pores affected by acne. Acne is caused by bacteria that becomes trapped within the pore, often as the result of oil that’s naturally produced by the skin mixing with the dead skin cells that are constantly shed from the skin’s surface, thereby clogging the pore. Cold lasers are able to target and kill the bacteria itself, in addition to addressing the pain and inflammation that often accompanies clogged pores.

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  • Most informative post, Cold lasers provides a painless as well as non-invasive alternative to many types of traditional cosmetic and medical treatments. It’s use beams of light that target the tissue beneath skin’s surface without affecting the skin itself.

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