4 Civilian Services Alaskan Veterans Deserve

When it comes to vets, transition into civilian life can be tough, primarily because of the economic instability. Another reason could be the inability of the veterans to handle the business language. According to a survey conducted on vets, 80% of them are looking for their right job, and almost 50% are finding it extremely difficult to change gears and find civilian jobs. Expectations of people for transition into the civilian life are immense. Most of the times, vets overestimate their skills, but the presence of the civilian services can ease the nerves of the vets considerably.

Health care, disability compensation and the free health counseling are some of the primary services available to the anchorage vets. It is important to facilitate these professionals, especially when they are done with their service. With all these benefits there for the taking, only 30,000 out of 77,000 vets in Alaska register themselves for the services. It can be because of the lack of information, but still, the vets must be aware of the civilian benefits they can capitalize on. Other than that, the State of Alaska has also announced several awareness programs to ensure these professionals enjoy the perquisites that are up for the grab.

Health Care Benefits
VA in Alaska can enjoy considerable health benefits without having to wait for a long period of time. Enrollment in these programs is easy, so the vets can enjoy the civilian perquisites with ease. All the veterans who have served the military are entitled tothe health benefits; the State of Alaska has to offer. The US Department of Veterans approves these benefits, so, being a vet, you can be rest assured of the desirable civilian service making your transition into the civilian life, a piece of cake. In Alaska, separate VA medical health centers are there to facilitate the vets. At these centers, all the health benefits are offered, but again, the number of veterans using these services is quite low. When it comes to the anchorage vets, billboards and other signs are there to help the individuals avail the health benefits they richly deserve.

All the OEF, OND and the OIF members are eligible to apply for these benefits. Applying for these benefits is no mess, and the application is approved within a few days time, offering the anchorage vets something to cheer about. Tribal clinics are also there for the taking for the veterans to enjoy these health benefits without having to go far away. To facilitate further, the State of Alaska has offered online enrollment, which reduces processing times to about 40-45%. The veterans can download the application form from the State’s site to enjoy the health benefits.

VOA Loans
To facilitate the anchorage vets, the State of Alaska has several VOA loans to offer. The significance of these loans is immense, particularly for the veterans facing financial difficulties and finding it hard to meet both ends meet. Unlike other loan types, you do not have to go through much of the documentation, and your veteran license would do the trick precisely. All you need is to provide the VOA financial committee with your full name, military branch and the social security number. Once you have provided the loan inspector with the necessary and required details, then a VOA loan certificate will be issued to you within a couple of days’ time.  Sometimes these VOA certificates must go through document translation service for which several great companies online do this for really cheap prices.

VA Insurance
During their service, the veterans are entitled to the discounted life insurance. To acknowledge the service of vets, post-service insurance plans are there for the taking. These are low-premium insurance plans backed by the State of Alaska. Besides life insurance, cumulative insurance plans including vehicle and property insurance is up for the grab as well. Almost 40% of the veterans do not account for these insurance benefits offered by the State of Alaska, so awareness programs have become the name of the game.

VA Housing Benefits
To ensure the anchorage veterans enjoy a peace of mind, the state of Alaska offers housing benefits to vets. If the veterans choose to go with the mortgaged houses, then they will have to pay 0.5% less interest than the prevalent interest rate in the market. An exclusive veteran housing society is another housing benefit the anchorage vets can avail.

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