5 New Ways to Alleviate Possible Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is originated from breast tissues in the human body. According to reports, in the year of 2008, officials said that 458, 503 people died because of breast cancer. Breast Cancer is diagnosed in both male and female body but in comparison female bodies are more prone to be diagnosed with breast cancer than men. However here are top five ways that can help women to alleviate the growth of breast cancer:

a) Breast-feed: It has been scientifically proven that women who have breast fed their children for more than a year have been successful in reducing the risk of breast cancer growth to up to sixty five percent. It plays an essential part in preventing the development of breast cancer. Breast-feeding has lot of protective effects so it is highly recommended to breast feed the kids as much as possible for healthier reactions.

b) Do not gain weight: Obesity is one of the most affecting causes of breast cancers. It increases the possibilities of breast cancers mostly after women’s menopause. This time period of menopause with obesity issues makes the female body more prone and weaker to be affected from breast cancer. So avoid gaining weight and eat healthy food as much as possible. Keep your meals high in vitamins and minerals; consult your doctor or nutritionist for diet plans and avoid white sugar as much as possible.

c) Limit your alcohol: And if possible do not drink alcohol at all. The more you drink, the higher are the possibilities and risks of generating the breast cancer. If you are one of those who cannot keep themselves away from the liquor than one or twice in a week is fine but keep yourself limited to only one or two drinks. Drinking less alcohol in adolescent can help you with preventing your body from breast cancer in the later age. It has been proven through studies and has been published in many women health magazines as well.

d) Be active: Indulge yourself into physical activities like yoga, jogging, exercises, sport activities and dance; it can help you to maintain a healthy living and appropriate weight. As mentioned above that weight gain after menopause helps in breast cancer development, so being active will help you to keep a balanced weight reducing the possibilities of breast cancer. Department of health & human services, recommends a minimum of twenty-five minutes of workout every day for healthy female body. Aerobic activities are the most effective activity to keep muscles healthy and less fat storage in the body, which eventually leads in preventing from risks of breast cancer.

e) Consult your doctor on taking aromatase inhibitor exemestane. After many scientific studies it has been proved that using exemestane reduces the possibilities of breast cancer growth post menopause. It is highly effective however one should consult your doctor before taking this medication because it can have side effects depending upon your health condition.

These are the top five ways that can help you in preventing the risks from breast cancer. There are few more things that you can follow in your day-today routine like stop smoking, avoid taking hormone removal therapies and taking estrogen blocking drugs however one should consult with the doctor before applying them in their routine.

Author Bio: This unique article has been contributed by Morris York, the chief editor at Kamagra Shop UK. He has contributed many articles to several health-based magazines and blogs.

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