6 Ways Homeowners Make A Burglar’s Job Easy

Being robbed is something almost everyone fears, but few people think about until it’s too late. And many homeowners unknowingly do things that make a robber’s life so much easier. Here are 6 of the most common mistakes that essentially are invitations to burglars.

6. Hiding Keys in Obvious Places


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Just about everyone has been locked out of their home at some point. That’s why so many homeowners hide spare keys. Knowing this, burglars check all the obvious places; under the mat, the door and window frames, the fake-looking rock and more. If you must hide a key outside, put it somewhere clever and unexpected.

5. Publicizing Your Plans


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It’s common in today’s world to let all your social media friends know when you’re going on vacation, how long you’ll be gone and where you’re going. However, professional thieves are scouring social media sites looking for just such information. This gives them ample time to rob you. The best time to talk about your vacation is after your return.

4. Having Burglar-Friendly Landscaping


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Some types of landscaping are an invite to thieves. Privacy barriers are very common. However, they do have a downside. Nothing makes a burglar happier than being able to use your privacy features to hide from both the neighbors and you.

3. Not Using Your Alarm System

alarm system

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Without a doubt, alarm systems such as the DIY alarm systems at are one of the best ways to keep your home safe. However, an alarm only works if you remember to use it. Though this sounds self-explanatory, many people neglect to activate the alarm system when they visit a neighbor or run down the road for some milk. Fifteen minutes are all a burglar really needs to either rob you blind. For added protection, make sure your alarm’s keypad is somewhere that’s not visible from the outside.

2. Throwing Out Your Electronics Boxes in Plain Sight

tv box

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In the excitement of getting a new TV, home stereo system or other new electronic device, few people ever think of breaking down and hiding the boxes. Burglars often scout neighborhoods looking for electronic boxes. This way, they know who has the most up-to-date items to steal.

1. Relying on Pets as the Sole Burglar Deterrent


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Unless your dog is actually trained to do so, most pups won’t actually take down an intruder. In fact, burglars know that pet owners are likely to have an easy way for them to get in. If you have a large dog, a small burglar might even be able to fit through the dog door. And if they aren’t afraid of your pooch, thieves may check every door to see if one was left ajar for the dog.

When it comes to home security, there are many ways to protect your home. It can be traumatic to get robbed. However, a robber is looking for the easiest house to rob. By taking some simple steps to ensure it isn’t yours, though, you can protect your home and everything in it.

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