7 Sports Safety Tips

Sports are supposed to be fun and entertaining. However, it cannot be said that all sports are free of risks. In fact, even the safest games that kids play can cause injury to them if safety measures are not put in place. You must have heard of kids who suffered a head injury when they got struck by a baseball, so just imagine the gravity of risks involved in contact sports, such as hockey and football. Individual sports, like running and gymnastics, also have associated risks. These athletes could suffer a sprain in their muscles or even fractures in their bones. This does not mean though that you should refrain from sports to keep safe. There are several ways to minimize injuries. Athletes, coaches, sports administrators and even parents should only have to evaluate and identify these risks so that sports safety tips can be practiced. Here are some of them.

Undergo Proper Training
You should not instantly join a marathon without preparing for it. Do not rely on your first marathon run, even if it covers only a short distance, to keep you in shape. Instead, strive to be in shape prior to joining that run. This allows your body to be ready for the strenuous task and it makes your body stronger to resist injuries too. Therefore, if you are eyeing to join a certain sport, take tips from professionals and other athletes regarding the proper training that you should start in preparation.

Remember to Stretch
All workout trainers always say that you should warm up first and stretch before you get on that treadmill or lift those weights. The same is true and more necessary, if you are joining a sports game. The warm up prepares your muscles and bone for the major activity, thus reducing the risk for injuries. In fact, you should still stretch after a game to relax your muscles.

Play with Your Size
This is especially true for kids’ sports. As you know, some kids grow faster than others. Therefore, you may be hosting a basketball game for third graders, but chances are some of the players would look like high school players. This will be a disadvantage for skinny players, especially if it is a contact sport. If this is the case, you may have to divide the game into various categories based on the height and weight of the players.

Be Kind to Your Arms and Legs
Your arms and legs have their straining point, so avoid overusing them or you will regret it later once you feel its consequences. For example, runners should avoid strenuous training several days in a row. If you do have to train every day, make sure that you alternate the intensity of your workouts to avoid pushing your legs to the limit. Since runners are always after defeating their own records, set a maximum increase every week. A 20% increase in mileage is the recommended limit.

Hydrate Your Body
This tip is not restricted for athletes who play outdoor sports. Even if you are inside a gym, the excessive physical activity can cause you to sweat a lot and leave you dehydrated. Take time between breaks to drink enough water. Dehydration can weaken your muscles, thus affecting your performance and making you susceptible to injuries.

Use the Proper Equipment and Gear
Good examples are teen boxers who use ill-fitted gloves. Doing so will not only affect the effectiveness of their punches, but also cause strain on their hands. If you are a runner who is not wearing the right running shoes, you also are more at risk of falling or straining your legs. Make sure that you always use the proper gears and maintain them so that they can better protect your body.

Protection from the Heat
Once summer arrives, be sure to make changes in your training routine. For instance, do it in the afternoons when it is not too hot or wear a lightweight material. Drink more water to avoid dehydration and change your clothes if you are already drenched in sweat.

Above discussed were some important sports safety tips that every sports person should be aware of and should practice to minimize the risks and injuries.

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