A Quick Guide to Finding Online Casinos


While many people would pay hundreds of dollars to visit world renowned casinos and stay in fancy hotels, some are just as content being able to gamble in their pajamas at home with their laptops or at their desktop computers. You don’t need to travel miles away from your home to try your luck at any casino game because online casinos have now made all arrangements to let you enjoy all the casino games without ever having to leave your house.

Online casinos have been around for years, but it’s just recently that more and more people are getting in on the action. With all the money you save on airfare, travel, food and accommodations you’ll have an even larger bankroll that you can spend on your favorite casino games. If you’re new to the world of online gambling and don’t know where to begin then here’s a quick guide to finding online casinos.

1)    First and foremost, you want to completely avoid casinos that have been blacklisted and have questionable business practices. These are the casinos that have had plenty of complaints filed against them as well as numerous bad reviews. Casinos like that are only out to get your money and don’t really care about providing its players with an enjoyable and fair gambling experience.

In addition, to verify a casino’s legitimacy be sure that they have a government issued licensing jurisdiction. Do a thorough background check on the casino itself and find out the name of the company who owns it, if they’re part of a casino group that’s been blacklisted, and whether any major complaint has been filed against the casino.

2)    Visit casino review websites that feature a list of reputable casinos and read about what others have to say about them. You might also be able to access and read through the casino’s policies and rules to get a better idea on how they run their operations. Most casinos that are fair in their dealings have straightforward and very comprehensible guidelines when it comes to gambling on their site and cashing out winnings. Read any and all fine print embedded as they may be what makes or break your decision to join that online casino.

3)    Many casinos like to give out bonuses and incentives when you visit their sites. Some offer you free casino games with no risk and no money involved just so you can get used to playing online as well as familiarized with how the casino operates. Others give you cash bonuses once you sign up with the casino. These bonuses can reach considerable amounts up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Be wary of casinos who only give cash bonuses or gambling credit only after you deposit money into your gambling account. For some of them only use the incentives as hooks to get you to deposit money with them.

4)    Aside from cash incentives and free games you should also see if the casino you want to potentially sign up with offers the games you like to play. There’s no sense in signing up with a casino that only features card games when you’re favorite casino game are slot machines. Some casinos provide their players only limited games such as table games, slot machines or poker.

For a wider range of available games, peruse the game section of the casino to see if they have your favorites. If you find that multiple casinos offer games you like then it’s OK to sign up with all of them, but be sure you don’t use multiple computers to do so as that can make your accounts look suspicious to the casinos and may potentially get you blacklisted or banned.

5)    Once you’ve found a casino that you like that offers great sign up incentives, favorable games and has a good and reputable standing with the online community then the next thing you should look at would be promotional offers for long term and frequent members of the casino. While sign up incentives are great, promotional bonuses for those who have been with the casino for a considerable amount of time is a great way to reward loyal players. These promotions can include a percentage match on winnings, cash rewards and gambling credits.

Finding an online casino that offers you a satisfactory and enjoyable gambling experience isn’t hard, but it will take diligent research efforts and patience on your part before coming across one that satisfies all the criteria. Don’t be afraid to try out casinos, but do so with discretion and don’t deposit big amounts at first. Test out the waters and see what you’re comfortable with and once you see that the games are fair, rules are easy to follow and payout of winnings are timely then feel free to play and hopefully win some big money.

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