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Maintaining the condition of a residential house can be quite challenging to some commercial establishments. Over the year, a lot of people are spending a considerable amount of money for repair and maintenance of a certain establishment.

Plumbing issues are one of the most common faults that we experience in our private properties. The reason for the repeated occurrence of plumbing problems can be very hard to detect, up until the time that professional plumbers realized that leaking pipes are the primary cause of these inconveniences in our plumbing system. In order to effectively address this concern, the AquaTrip was developed.

A Leak Detection System
AquaTrip is a newly innovated device intended to provide a 24/7 monitoring system to your house to detect any leakage in your pipes. This leak detection system comes with a built-in Trip Switch which will be used in order to shut off the water system in your house once a leak is detected. The leak is not only detected on pipe. Apparently, AquaTrip can also detect pipe burst, a tap left running, or a toilet and fitting cistern leaking.

The main goal of AquaTrip is to help consumers minimize the chances of paying overcharged water bills brought about by the undetected leaks in the pipe system.

24/7 Monitoring of Water Consumption
Another remarkable feature of the AquaTrip is its ability to give consumers a round-the-clock monitoring of both their water consumption and cost information.

The AquaTrip is designed in a way that it can be connected to the main water meter. This connection makes it possible for the consumers to see on the information and control panel their actual water consumption and its cost. This 24/7 monitoring program gives the consumers the chance to be in control of their consumption as it reflects on the display monitor.

So basically, AquaTrip is made not only to save water and to reduce damage but more importantly to raise awareness on the consumer’s part as to how much water they are consuming in a day.

Types of AquaTrip
The patented AquaTrip comes in different styles perfect for catering the different water detection system needs of the consumers.

Manually controlled system AquaTrip is one variation of this leak monitoring system. This system is basically perfect for any type of building or establishment. Moreover, manually controlled system promises to offer more cost effective means of preventing leak and water wastage. This system comes in AT100 and AT200 series.

There are also wireless radio controlled systems (AT300 series) for AquaTrip. This series is primarily installed in existing or newly constructed buildings. Unlike manually controlled system, this system provides a wireless radio panel in the building that would reflect the information about your water consumption as well as its cost. This wireless controlled system gives consumers a chance to totally be in control of their water consumption through the different built-in functions of this AquaTrip system.

Last type would be the AT400 series which is otherwise described as integrated hard wired system. This system is very much the same with AT300 series; however, it has complete programmable functions that are perfect for different type of establishments. This system is very low maintenance, only requiring frequent annual check-ups.

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