Baptism Gifts – 5 Tips for This Awesome Occasion

A baptism is a special time in anybody’s life, whether it’s an adult baptism or your standard baby baptism.  Regardless of the age of the person being baptized, your main concerns should be focused on picking out the right baptism gifts for this amazing occasion.  To do this isn’t always easy as it can get overwhelming trying to find gifts that won’t seem inappropriate or ones that are out of your price range.

In order to help you find the best baptism gifts no matter the occasion, we’ve put together this simple tip guide on buying the right ones.

Five Tips for Buying Baptism Gifts
While these tips might not work for every situation, they will work for more than 95% of baptismal situations.  Of course, the remaining 5% of baptisms will require a little extra thought, but you can surely take any of the following tips, tweak them, personalize them to your situation, and wind up with the perfect baptism gift.

  1. Make it Personalized—Whatever gift you eventually decide to go with, a great way to make sure that it is cherished and unique is to have it personalized.  You can engrave any number of items with the child’s name, date of baptism and a special message, prayer or religious passage.   A great baptism gift to do this with is a plaque commemorating the situation, or more practically, a picture frame.  You can also do this with silver cups, mugs, snow globes, baby blankets and other items.  For an adult baptism, consider a personally engraved Bible or perhaps a donation made in the person’s name to their favorite charity.

  2. Make it Religious—Since baptism is often the first religious even a child undergoes, it is a great idea to make the baptismal gift religious.  Be sure that you understand the significance of the baptism in the parent’s church (i.e. their faith or denomination) and that the gift is appropriate.  For instance, don’t give a funny baptism gift if the ceremony is looked upon as a somber one by that particular denomination.   Once you’ve narrowed down your selection based on appropriateness, you can go ahead and start your selection.  Picking out a rosary for the child is a great gift that can adorn a statue until the child is old enough to wear it.  Charms, crosses, crucifixes, medals, medallions and other religious items make great jewelry.  Alternatively, you can pick out glass, ceramic or wooden crosses for the baby’s room or an inscribed Bible that you can present to the child.

  3. Make it Money—A more common, yet pragmatic gift to give for a baptism is money.  Everyone can use money, especially in these tough and uncertain economic times.  The parents can use it as they see fit now if you give them cash or a check, or if you want to make sure the money is saved for the child’s future, you can give it as a savings bond.  A savings bond from the U.S. Treasury will accrue interest over the next few decades so by the time the child is ready for college, they will have more money than they would have had you just given them the same amount at a future date.

  4. Make it Sentimental—Sentimentality in a gift is all about creating a bond between the date of the event and the child in the future.  To do this, make sure that there is a definitive keepsake value to the gift such as a family heirloom or other irreplaceable object that just can’t be purchased.  Ideally, this is a very good idea if you are closely related to the child or a godfather or godmother.  It might be awkward if you’re just the mother’s work colleague.  But if you’re not that close to the family, you can still make a sentimental baptism gift by writing a poem or thoughtful letter containing good wishes.  Consider having the poem or letter framed and presenting it to the parents.  Thoughtful baptism gifts like this often stand out and are less likely to be discarded during the child’s college years or apartment years.
  5. Make it Unique—Finally, consider a completely unique baptism gift that speaks directly to your personality.  This could mean just about anything, but remember to keep it appropriate.  What you want to do is create a memory for the child at a later date by providing a gift that stands out from the crowd.  This means staying away from blankets, dolls, stuffed animals, jewelry and religious items.  Use your imagination and get creative—but stay within the realm of the original religious content of the event.


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