Bathroom styles for 2013

A new year, a new bathroom. If you’re looking to liven up your bathroom, here are some of the hottest designs for 2013.

Farmhouse chic
This blend of a warm comfortable country bathroom with modern style and convenience is the perfect combination. There are so many different ways of creating a cosy, rustic look, whether it’s wooden panelling or whitewashed floorboards. Try to use the features of the room and incorporate your own taste, for example adding antique-style furniture or rattan baskets. A hint of period style can really add character and presence to a room. Try lining the back of your bathroom cabinets with pretty wallpaper that co-ordinates with the colour theme of your room, for a quirky country touch.  Add vintage accessories to complete the look, such as old fashioned towel rails or retro-style jars to store toiletries.

The wet room
Wet rooms are the perfect addition to any home. These stylish and contemporary rooms remove the shower screen and tray and allow your room to become the shower. Having a walk in shower really opens up your bathroom, giving you a more attractive space. Not having a restricted shower enclosure is so convenient and gives you the freedom to be much more flexible, as you are not limited by any walls. There is such a huge range of wet room designs and styles to choose from. They can be plain and simplistic or more elaborate and dramatic.

Wet rooms are particularly great for smaller bathrooms, as the different bathroom elements are incorporated, creating the feeling of more space. The majority of most modern wet rooms can be adapted to fit any bathroom shape or size. However, it is very important to remember that the drainage system should be placed away from the door to avoid water flooding out of the bathroom on to your carpet. A big advantage is that once fitted, wet rooms are extremely low maintenance and very easy to clean. Additionally, a wet room can add significant value to your property, so transform your old bathroom in to a modern and contemporary one.

Hotel bathrooms are typically very swish and luxurious. If you want to replicate this lavish style at home then you need to remember that less really is more. Try to keep everything minimalist and clutter free. If you are looking at getting a complete new suite, choose something simple and classic. If you have the space, double “his and hers” sinks are a great feature to have. A bath is typically a key feature in a hotel room and can create a real sense of luxury. Free-standing baths give the room a really extravagant feel and are perfect for setting the scene for relaxation. Don’t forget to add stylish finishing touches. Investing in a new set of matching towels and flannels, preferably Egyptian cotton and neutral shades, will give the room a really lavish feel.

Whatever style you choose to go with, make sure you create a room that is beautiful, durable and functional. Your bathroom is a place that you should feel relaxed and comfortable in.

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