Betting Tips That Can Turn the Odds in Your Favour

Whether you’re an experienced internet gambler or if you’re new to the world of online betting, everyone is looking for the latest betting tips or systems to help try to turn the odds in their favour.

Do Your Research
While there may not be such a thing as a ‘no risk bet’ there are several methods that you can employ to give you a greater chance of winning. There is a popular football bet that involves speculating on the first or last goal scorer in any match and while it may be far more likely that a striker will be involved, if you look a little harder, you can find some alternatives at much higher odds.

Take a long look at the teams involved and note down the names of the players that take their free kicks, penalties and other dead ball situations. Often you may find that midfield players and even defenders will be involved and while they have a good chance of getting on the score sheet, their betting odds with the likes of 32 red and others will be far more attractive. In addition you could have a look for defenders with a good goal scoring ratio who come up for corners, free kicks and other set pieces.

New Innovations
As online football betting has increased in popularity, we have seen the introduction of a new range of bets at the same time from innovative outlets such as 32 red. One of these involves speculating on the number of red and yellow cards in a game and this is where a little research can turn the odds in your favour.

Passionate local derbies can be the catalyst for indiscipline and a flurry of cards but ill-feeling between clubs can exist for a number of reasons. In short, a game that has produced a number of cards in the past is likely to do so again so look on the internet to identify those games and bet accordingly.

In addition, some referees are prone to issue more cards than others so it could pay to identify who they are when you’re looking to implement this type of betting strategy.

Harnessing Mathematical Probability
There are many betting systems around but there is a very basic tip that works better than most if you’re just starting out with online football betting. In fact, many professional gamblers use this simple method to keep cash flow rolling at all times.

All you need to do is identify the most successful teams in any league across the world. For example, you can take Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain. These two sides will win the majority of their games in any particular season so you simply place a win bet on any match they’re playing in. If your team is victorious then you collect but if they have lost, you simply double your stake when they’re in action again, making any adjustment for a fluctuation in odds. You’ll find that over the course of a season, you will turn a profit. There are two main rules with this bet. Firstly, you should stop with four games left to go in the season, just in case you run out of time to recover any losing bets and secondly, if the two teams concerned are playing each other, there is no bet and you simply wait until the next time.

There’s no such thing as a fool proof system but the ideas laid out here should offer some excellent returns.

Mike Bradley is an experienced sports content writer with an extensive knowledge of football betting at sites such as 32 red. He has contributed match previews to many sites and specialises in writing about betting systems.

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