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Are you learning a second language? If not, probably you are missing some great global job opportunities! Do you know why foreign language courses are much in demand? Read on to know about the benefits of multilingualism.

New Language

Did you know that there are more than 7,000 languages spoken across the globe! English may be a universal language, but expanding your repertoire can open many doors to global career possibilities. In this age of globalization, understanding different cultures and traditions is gaining importance than ever. The knowledge of different languages is the gateway to global job opportunities.

Need for Learning Foreign Languages
Knowledge of more than one language enhances your cognitive abilities and chances of finding more career opportunities. Increasing globalization has increased the demand for the workforce that is well-versed with multiple languages.The knowledge of different languages is used in a wide range of areas such as International Relations, Tourism, Trade, Science, Media and Technology. Several countries like China, Japan and Korea follow education policies to introduce at least one foreign language course at primary as well as secondary school level.

Multilingualism includes several benefits and these benefits are explained below:

  • It makes you a Global Asset- Whether a Mexican company is merging with a US company, or an Indian company is opening its branch in a foreign country, one or the other reason, employees with knowledge in different languages becomes a global asset for the organizations.

  • Get an Edge in the market-Knowledge of one language is not sufficient when asked by your employer about how many foreign languages you know. Learning different languages help you develop skills that provide you a sharp edge in the global scenario.

  • Opportunities in Different Professions- There are several professions that need more language speakers, whether it is tourism, retail, trade or international relations. Paralegals, Flight Attendants, Geologists, or Travel agents, all find learning a foreign language as a stepping stone in their career.

  • Adapt to a new Culture- Understanding of a foreign language helps you to understand a new world and easily get adapted to their culture.

  • Explore the World: The world awaits numerous career options for you if you are well-versed with their language.Moreover, if you get a job in the global market, it can give you an opportunity to travel the world.

Being bilingual offers various advantages in different fields, out of which for some it is a necessity. Spanish and French are the common languages in global healthcare industry, while Chinese is turning to be essential for business class and travelers.Those in banking and social services find Portuguese and Spanish as career-oriented languages.

Language Education
Understanding the need of education in foreign languages, the options for learning them are also growing. Analyzing your requirements and career plans, it is crucial to select the foreign language education course accordingly.There are several language colleges and institutes across the globe that offers education in different languages. Interested candidates can also find online courses to learn them. In India, several diploma programs, or certificate courses in foreign languages can be pursued from a plethora of education centers such as Banaras Hindu University, Maharshi Dayanand University, School of Foreign Languages run under Delhi University, and University of Mysore.

Spanish and French are some of the popular languages, which are widely spoken in the world. Its grammar, syntax and words are much similar to English, which makes it easy to understand and learn quickly. Learning German is considered to have more difficulty level, but is also a popular language. Learning Chinese can be a good decision for professional growth for business professionals, students and translators. However, coming from an entirely new and different language root, one can it takes more time to understand it.


Future Scope
With an increase in the globalization of business, job seekers with the knowledge of more than one language can look forward to several job opportunities in the coming years. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs for interpreters and translators are expected to increase by around 22% during the period 2008-2018. Bilingual professionals are required in both government and private sectors.International organizations such as United Nations Organization (UNO), Food and Agriculture Organization or Indian organizations such as Ministry of External Affairs and Reserve Bank of India prefer employees with knowledge in different languages.

In US, the rising number of people from different linguistic origins for medical treatment has increased the demand for medical interpreters. In future, this demand is expected to further increase the job opportunities for people fluent in different languages for translation and interpreting services.

Learning a new language is not just about understanding vocabulary and grammar. It is a complete understanding of their culture also. With time, people are now realizing the importance of the description of foreign language knowledge on their CV. It includes transformation power on the lives of many people.

So, get ready to add oomph to your CV by learning a foreign language. It is the high time to shape up your career and gain international experience. After all, it is never too late to start!


By: Swati Srivastava
Swati Srivastava is a dedicated writer for Her articles on various educational institutions, courses and foreign language programs give the readers a better understanding of lucrative career options.

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