Facebook Dos and Don’ts

Facebook is now an essential part of the lives of millions all over the world. We keep in touch with friends and family, we show off our latest possessions and crib, we talk about bosses and inconsiderate people. So where should we draw the lines when we are indulging in these activities? What is acceptable and what is way over the line?

Well in a social setting, it is very hard to set rules that people need to follow. What’s acceptable to some may be hated by others. However I feel that there are a few basic things one should be aware of while interacting on social networking sites like Facebook. Of course, these are just guidelines and not rigid rules:

The Dos 

  • Do use your real name and your own photo instead of a cartoon character or some pretty flowers. Facebook is a great place for making friends, but nobody wants to talk to someone who looks like a pond filled with lilies (the profile pic) and goes by the name Butterfly Bambi.

  • Set privacy for your account so that only the bare minimum information about you is displayed to strangers (those not your friends yet).

  • If there’s anything private you want to tell your friend, send a message to their inbox rather than posting on their wall. You don’t want the entire world to know what your friend did at your party last night in a state of total inebriation.

  • If someone leaves questions on your wall, whether it’s just asking how you are, or about something you have posted or some photo, DO take the time to reply. Not responding is as rude as ignoring someone when they talk to you.

  • Set privacy for your photos and videos so that mischief makers don’t misuse them. All of humanity doesn’t have to see how great you looked in your prom dress.

  • Tag your friends in pictures you post with them in it, so that they will be notified and will see them soon. You may also send them a message asking them to tag themselves and pick only the pictures that they want to show on their walls.

  • Do report any inappropriate content, threats, persons harassing you and so on to Facebook and authorities like parents, teachers, your boss and the like.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t vent about your work and boss, especially if you have colleagues as Facebook friends. Some people may take the opportunity to get you into trouble.

  • Don’t use Facebook to spread your religion. There are sites where you can do that. Facebook is a place to make and meet friends, and hang out. Nobody wants to hear about how believing in one particular God saved your life here.

  • Avoid discussing politics as much as possible. Different people will have different views and you will most likely get into ugly arguments.

  • It is NOT necessary to comment on EVERY post made by your friends.
  • Don’t send out friend requests to complete strangers. You don’t know if any of them are a possible threat. It is always better to think about your safety.

  • Never test your friends’ friendship by posting stuff like ‘Only my true friends will share/repost this, I will be watching, blah blah…’ Just because they don’t repost or react to some of your posts doesn’t mean they aren’t your friends anymore!

  • Don’t post pictures of your friends where they look terrible or in a very compromising situation. They will never forgive you. Even if you do post such pics by mistake, don’t EVER tag them. You wouldn’t that to happen to you either.

  • Don’t post too much that when any of your friends login to Facebook, their home page is filled with your status updates and photos. They will start feeling a bit annoyed after a couple of days of this barrage.

Remember that your profile on Social Networking sites like Facebook is like an extension of your physical self. Whether it is happening on your everyday life or even just online, treat others and yourself with respect – you can never go wrong with that.

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