Finance Apps and Mobile app development

The rise in the mobile app development industry has made evolutions in various industrial sectors around the globe. One of the most prominent and booming sector, which has seen considerable change due to the rise in app development is the financial sector. There are large numbers of financial applications that provide exceptional services to its users. Some of the top financial apps include –

  • PocketMoney app – The app serves as a tracking system for checkbook, budgets and expenses through your iPhone, iPad, and the Android devices. The app comes with some exceptional features like – entering income and expense, track thousands of transactions, transfer cash over various accounts, photo receipts, and much more. The user can also access budget reports on a regular basis like daily, weekly, annual. The app provides password protection, transaction search, and multi-language availability.

  • HomeBudget (with Sync) – HomeBudget is an app designed for tracking various expenses bills, income, and account balance.  The user can get a complete budget in the form of charts and graphs. Some of the key features of the application include the integrated set of feature and family sync. The other main features include – create, edit or deleting the budget plans, bill reminders, password protection and much more.  The app is designed for both iPhone and iPad user and is available at a charge of $2.99.

  • Account Tracker – Account Tracker app is an app designed for personal finance tracking the expense and income balances over multiple accounts. The app is very much user friendly and provides some great features like alerts, bill reminders, budgets, reports, and multi-currency support. The application also provides data synchronizing and backups. It also provides PIN code protection. The app is designed for iPad and iPhone user and is available at a price of £1.99

  • PayPal app – One of the easiest apps designed for sending and requesting money and the apps is designed for the Android, iPhone and iPad platforms. The app allows the user to check balance, withdraw funds, and view previous transactions from anywhere. The application also provide some great features like capturing the picture of a check to add cash to the user’s PayPal account, finding local merchants utilizing this app, password security can be provided. PayPal, an eBay Company, has developed the app and it is free to use by users.

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