Five Great Men’s Gift Experiences for Summer

Sometimes buying for men can be a bit difficult, a few years into a relationship you’ve bought the other half all the presents you can think of (some of which he really wanted but you’ve never seen out of the box), and poor old dad, who says he can’t think of anything he wants, gets socks and aftershave every Fathers Day, birthday, and Christmas…

If this sounds familiar to you, what you need is a great selection of ideas that will be the best present ever for the men in your life…  So look no further than the gift experience!

A gift experience is such a great idea, as it could well be something that they might never have done had you not bought it for them and will be a gift that they’ll never forget!  Here are some great summer gift experience ideas:

Golf Experience
For all those men wanting to prove themselves as the next Nick Faldo or Tiger Woods, this is a great treat for golf enthusiasts.

Playing a round of golf on a (hopefully) sunny day, with beautiful surroundings, this is a great gift experience for anyone wanting to either show off their skills, or enhance them.

Segway Rally
There is something very appealing about the Segway, as riding one of these little electric powered machines is like no other form of transport.

Control your speed and direction by standing and leaning into certain positions and feel like you’re almost hovering along the ground.

An experience such as this will usually involve a full instruction and safety briefing before being let loose on your own along a varied terrain track.

This is most definitely an experience that not many people will have had, so why not choose this as a gift idea for those wanting to try a unique type of motorsports.

High Ropes Adventure
This is a great one for those who love heights and thrills!

They’ll get the chance to experience what it feels like to fly through the air (while of course being attached to safety ropes!) with a variety of different courses that will typically include climbing, jumping and swinging from one platform to the next, which could reach heights of 13 metres or higher.

Scuba Diving
There are many people who dream of breathing under water in stunning serene surroundings or swimming with dolphins.  If you know someone who would love to have such an experience, why not make their dreams a reality and treat them to a scuba diving session?

The experience will start with an introduction to scuba skills and getting to grips with the scuba diving equipment.  You’ll then be taken into the water with a PADI professional instructor to guide you along on your underwater adventure.

Tour of Football Stadium
Whether the man in your life is a Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea or Tottenham Hotspur fan, they’ll most definitely appreciate a once in a lifetime tour of their favourite football club’s stadium.

Most stadiums offer access to all areas, while a tour guide shares their extensive knowledge about the history and current activities of the club.

This will most definitely put you in the good books of any avid football fan!

There are of course a number of other great gift ideas for men, no matter what their age, tastes or hobbies.  Other popular experience gifts include paintballing, indoor skydiving, kayaking, motor sport days and Grand Prix karting.

The most important thing is that they have an amazing day that will create long lasting memories, which will also put you in their good books all ready for when your birthday or Christmas comes along!

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