Green Auto Industry Review and Advantages of Owning a Green Car

Fuel prices are growing everyday and giving a tough time to everyone. Car manufacturing companies come up with a better solution to save people from this problem. Many companies are turning their vehicles to “green” by undulating hybrid cars.


Hybrid cars have both petrol and electric engine. Both the engines complement each other at different levels of speed during the whole journey. When the speed goes high, petrol pushes the car while the electric motor acts as a generator that charges the electric battery.

On the other hand, an electric car uses electric motors and motor control for impulsion rather than general propulsion method like, ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). These cars are powered by on-board battery packs such as battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Both hybrid and electric cars are known as “green” cars.

In today’s automotive industry, green cars are one of the most controversial topics. The Green car industry is at its fledgling stage but still there are so many advantages that you can get from green vehicles. You will surely get economic as well as environmental advantages by owning a green car. Although there are a number of benefits of green cars but some of the best of them all are described as below.

Green cars are friendly by nature as compare to the other fuel guzzlers. The emissions of petrol-powered cars considered so harmful while the hybrid or electrical cars give so little amount of it which protects the atmosphere from damage.

Green Car Review:
Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi 95 is the most popular model because it produces only 94g/km of carbon emission which is very low and provides an impressive average of 80.7 mpg. Moreover it is extremely cost effective car that carries high standards.

SEAT Ibiza is on the second place. It is one of the longest running green car ranges. Its sales are growing so quickly. It has an attractive design and offers high grade performance. This car really tells how green cars are Eco friendly.

The best Supermini of UK, the Ford Fiesta is now turned to green. With CO2 emission of 98g/km and 76.3 mpg, this car is the best green ever. Its performance and reliable design make it a popular choice for new drivers and for regular drivers.

Recently some awards were provided to the top Green Cars. Editors appraise most environmentally positive vehicles of industry and here is the list of best five of them.

1. At first spot is the Audi A3 TA (EPA rated fuel economy as 30/2 mpg)
2. Honda Insight is in second position with (EPA rated fuel economy of 40/43 mg)
3. The Mercury Milan Hybrid got 3rd position (EPA rated fuel economy of 41/36 mpg)
4. Toyota Prius (EPA rated fuel economy of 51/48 mpg)
5. Volkswagen Golf TDI is on 5th spot with (EPA rated fuel economy of 30/42 mpg)

In conclusion, you are advised to buy “green” cars because these cars do protect the environment and save your money that you are supposed to spend on fuel expenses. For more information you can visit

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