Helping Your Child With Dental Anxiety

Whether it is their first visit or their tenth, it is not uncommon for children to dread visiting the dentist. Many children experience anxiety while others might have panic attacks. Dental anxiety in children should not be ignored. Not only can it manifest in physical illnesses, but children who do not get over being afraid of dental professionals will continue to avoid them as adults.

One way to help your child overcome dental anxiety is by finding a pediatric dentist parents recommend. Pediatric dentists specialize in childhood dental care. They understand dental anxiety in children and know how to put your child at ease. Children are smaller than adults so dental procedures can be more difficult. A good dental professional can perform those procedures on children without causing pain.

Making your child comfortable with dental offices begins with the staff. Children often see the receptionist or a dental hygienist before the dentist. Identify a dentist patient’s trust. Visit their office to get a sense of how employees interact with patients. They should have extensive experience working with patients, especially children, who have dental anxiety. Dental support employees who scold patients may not help your child reduce anxiety.

A fun and relaxing environment can help children who have dental anxiety. By distracting them from the purpose of their visit, they will experience less stress once they are actually in the dentist chair. A dentist children want to visit is one that has a fun waiting room. Toys should be current and clean. And there should be plenty to go around so that every child in the waiting room has something to play with if they so desire.

Another approach is to offer your child an incentive for a successful dental visit. This may be a bit controversial. Parents often resist rewarding children for something that is expected. But remember, you are dealing with a child that is stressed about their impending visit. You can encourage them with an incentive that is reasonable. Take them to a movie or out to eat after the dental visit.

When your child has a good visit with a dentist West Chester PA parents trust, their anxiety will significantly decline. You may only need to use incentives a few times. As long as you acknowledge your child’s anxiety and respond appropriately, your child will eventually become less anxious about visiting the dentist.

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