Hiring Bouncy Castles for Kids’ Birthday Parties: A Safety Checklist

A standard bouncy castle is an enlarged inflatable trampoline-like structure that let people, mainly kids, to have fun by bouncing on the springy surface of it. These inflatable castles are commonly used in church and village fetes, kids’ birthday parties and backyard parties as well. Over the years, newer and outstandingly innovative bouncy castle designs have been introduced by the manufacturers who have already strived for enhancing the enjoyment quotient in these castles. If you are planning for kid’s party, a bouncy castle can be your best bet for sure.

Using bouncy castles
Generally, the bouncy castle operators provide their customers with user manuals and also offer on-site technical assistance for setting up and deflating inflatable castles as well as in troubleshooting even the smallest of technical glitches. However, an educated consumer is usually the consumer most benefiting and you should know how this inflatable playthings work and whether you can use these indoors. Here below are some tips.

  • To inflate the bouncy castle and to make it usable, the structure should be strung out as much as possible. The structure should be connected with the blower.

  • The blower is a mechanical fan that supplies air to the inflatable structure and it is usually positioned at the back of the inflatable structure. You should make sure that the kids do not find or come in contact with the blower. You need wall power supply to run the blower. Reputable bouncy castle hire agencies perform technical inspection before setting up castles and it is always a wise idea to use their services.

  • Note that the setting up process may require 15 to 20 minutes and your job is to make sure that none of the kids who are eagerly waiting for some bouncy fun jump on the castle until it is fully inflated.

  • Some castles are the best match for indoor usage while larger inflatable units are manufactured for outdoor usage.

  • The job of the operator is to provide detailed guidelines with related information to you.

Choosing an operator
Choosing a reliable operator is actually the more challenging part as truly reputable hire agencies and operators are few and far between in this industry now. Many kids’ party organizers look up Google for finding local operators of bouncy castles. Here below is a brief guide for you on how to choose the most suitable bouncy castle for kids.

  • Choose the perfect size: Bouncy castles come in a variety of sizes (and shapes) and generally the size range starts from 10 ft x 10 ft. You can allow 6 kids at max to enter or play in this type of castle. Stay informed about different sizes and accepted number of users for different types and sizes of castles individually. Choose the size according to your requirement.

  • Check safety certificates: PIPA is the highest inspection body in the UK responsible for checking and ensuring the safety aspects of the commercial-grade bouncy castles. If you are residing in the US or some other country, it is imperative for you to get castles that are tested and certified by the respective regulatory councils.

To conclude, read testimonials and product reviews before choosing a bouncy castle for a kid’s party.

Author Bio: Alen Gao is in the inflatable hire industry for quite some time now and works closely with Bouncy castle hire Manchester agency GoBouncy. Alen also writes blogs occasionally for different blogging sites to offer bouncy castle hire tips and guidance for people who are eager to hire inflatable castles for kids’ parties.

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