How Do You Get A Good Credit Rating?

Large purchases such as a car and a house are beyond what most of us can afford with funds in our bank accounts so to buy them, we need help financially. This usually means asking a bank or another financial institution for a loan but before agreeing to lend you anything they will first want to be assured that they will be paid back. To help them decide the risk of lending money, a credit rating system has been developed to help financial institutions see at a glance how you have performed in regard to repaying loans in the past. With a good track record they will obviously feel more comfortable in granting a loan and if your past performance is poor they will be more reluctant to grant you the loan.

Nobody actually starts off in life with a credit rating though making it difficult for some lenders to determine whether or not they should lend you money. There are, however, some good ways to generate a good credit rating to help you with larger loans in the future.

Buy Something on Credit
If you wish to borrow an amount of money that is not particularly large then not having a credit rating is less likely to be a concern. If you would like to purchase a TV or DVD player, for example, then you could consider applying to get it on credit even if you do have the cash in the bank to pay for it directly. Once this loan had been paid off you have already developed a good record of repaying loans and this will help you to be granted larger sums of money in the future. Make sure that you shop around first for a good deal and you could find a credit deal with very favourable interest rates.

Use a Credit Card
Many people use a credit card for convenience but it is also very useful for helping anybody to improve their credit rating. You will often even find great deals when making purchases with a credit card meaning that provided you are sensible, you could end up making financial savings over paying with cash. Credit cards are ideal for shopping online also and you could be amazed at some of the fantastic deals to be found when shopping on the internet. Most people should have little difficulty in being granted a credit card although the limit to what you can borrow is likely to be quite restricted to begin with.

Pay It Back
It doesn’t matter whether you use a large international bank or a same day loans company, they will want the money back. If the whole point of the exercise is to improve your credit rating then falling behind on payments could prove to defeat the whole purpose and leave you with a bad credit rating instead. What you owe can add up surprisingly quickly and by the time you realise there is a problem, it could already be too late. Make sure you only borrow what you can afford to pay back, make your repayments on time and you should end up with a healthy credit rating that could be very valuable to you in the future.

Jamie Finch has paid back all the loans he has had in the past and has a good credit rating as a result.  If he needs a short term loan he finds same day loans a good option.

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  • Steve Allenson

    My credit rating is awful at the moment, thanks for some of the ideas. Not sure whether or not any will work in my circumstances!!! Thanks though

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