How to get the home looking visitor friendly this Christmas without breaking the bank

Christmas is the busiest time of year for most people, whether that be at work or at home. Trying to balance the cleaning, cooking and making your home look Christmas friendly can be a pretty tough task. Now add in all of the financial aspects of Christmas and it is no wonder that some families begin to dread this time of year. There are ways you can make your home look visitor friendly this year though, both quickly and cheaply!

Spruce up the walls
This doesn’t necessarily mean getting out the paint pots and brushes, as this can be a pricey way to spruce up your walls. Instead what about some wall decorations instead? You could opt for old fashioned pictures, but the days of these artworks seem to be long gone. The growing trend is now in wall stickers which can be used to spruce up your walls on a budget and with minimal effort. You simply pick your favourite design, pick a wall that needs some life bought into it and then stick them on. There are a whole range of designs and patterns you can choose from, some that are specific for Christmas and others that will last you all year round. Your visitors will be mightily impressed with the new look that would have been so quick and cheap for you to create. In fact, they will be so impressed that you may have to stock up on them as gifts for next year!

A winter spring clean
One of the best ways to have your house in visitor friendly condition over Christmas is just simply to have a spring clean, in the winter! You may find that clearing out some of the old junk will also make room for plenty of the new gifts coming your way. Go through the bags and boxes of clothes, books and ornaments that have been hidden away for some time and decide what can go and what is here to stay. You can then give it all to a charity shop, or sell it online to make some extra pennies. Your visitors will be so impressed with your de-cluttered house and you will feel much better about filling it up again with presents. Remember not to be too picky about what you get rid of, as you’ll end up making a minimal improvement. The general rule is that if you haven’t used it in 6 months (unless it is seasonal) then it is time to go!

There are plenty of ways to get your home looking visitor friendly this Christmas, some that are cheaper than others and some that could even make you money! A quick spring clean, a de-clutter and a spruce up of the walls can be the perfect way to impress your Christmas guests. Perhaps even Santa will be impressed and reward you with some extra presents for being so frugal!

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