How to Raise Funds from within your Office

Fundraising can be done in countless number of ways and for countless reasons. The more unique fundraising ideas obviously get more attention and thus, more funds. There are some interesting fundraising ideas that can be utilized for just about anything.

If you are working in an office and have been assigned with the task to raise funds for new office equipment or for some cause that the office is supporting, you can bring out your creative side and utilize a mix of old and new ideas to raise the required amount.

Office Cake Sale
Since you will be looking to raise funds from within the office, you will be utilizing various ideas but you will certainly not be hosting a full blown fundraiser. You will need to resort ideas that are good for a smaller number of people in a familiar setting. An office cake sale is one of the best ideas in this regard.

Get tons of cake and pick a day when work load is less. Get a longer than normal break and let everyone know in advance that an office cake sale will take place on the particular time and date. Have a variety of cakes and coffee so that everyone participates. You can even hold a cake eating contest; obviously the employees will be paying for what they eat. The winner can declared as the biggest cake eater in the office. This will not only raise funds but will also add a bit of fun to the office work which is never a bad thing.

Office Eat Out
Arranging a nice lunch or dinner outside can be a good idea too. Book a nice place and ask for a good discount as you will be having quite a few people with you. A lunch or dinner buffet will be a good idea and you are more likely going to get a good deal. Keep a decent price for the meal and you will be able to raise a fair bit of funds and lots of chatter too.

Film Night
This is another easy fundraising idea that will work quite well. Book a small theatre for the office and send invitation to all the employees. If less number of people are expected to visit the hall, then you can book the specific number of seats.

Put on a ticket for the attendees. Also bring snacks such as pop corns and soda yourself. The price of these eatables at the theatre can be up to 12 times the regular price. You can sell these at the movie and despite offering a great price, still raise more funds. While the staff has fun, you get to have your funds raised.

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