How to save money and Energy this Winter

There are so many blogs telling you how you can save money and energy this winter, that you might not know which to believe. Some say it is all about just throwing on a jumper and dealing with the cold, others talk of insulation and double glazing. The truth is, most of these ways are too expensive and the others are just plain ridiculous. There are real ways of saving money and energy in the winter though and that is all down to things that you use every day. Take a look round your home and if any of the following are outdated or could do with an upgrade then now is the time to act!

1) Your Washing Machine
With plenty of cold, wet winter days you may find that you are doing a lot more washing than usual. Not to mention having to wash bulkier items that may take up more room in your washing machine than all of your summer clothes. If your washing machine could do with an upgrade then you’ll be pleased to know that your next model will save you money and energy. More energy efficient washing machines are available to buy at a lot less than you might have thought. These models will use less water and electricity (to heat the water) than your standard machines, or the one you have now. They will also have many eco-friendly extras such as ‘eco washes’ and more capacity to fit in those winter clothes!

Top tip:
If you want to use less energy and money then do not opt for the quick wash mode! Although you may think it will cut back on your bills (due to only taking half an hour or so) it actually uses more electricity to heat the water quicker!

2) Your Refrigerator
One of the best parts about the winter months is stocking up on all these yummy goodies. Many people eat a lot more in the winter, normally plenty of comfort food. Not to mention the giant turkey and ton of vegetables you are going to need for the Christmas dinner! If your fridge is looking outdated, or has been in your possession for longer than 10 years then it is time to upgrade. Energy efficient fridges can save you a fortune in electricity bills and cut down on your carbon footprint too! Plus a brand new fridge is almost as exciting as Christmas dinner itself.

Top tip:
A fridge with a freezer underneath or on top is much more energy efficient than a fridge freezer that has double doors.

3) Your Dishwasher
No, I’m not talking about using child slave labour (in the form of your kids) to wash all those Christmas dishes, an actual dishwasher will do the job just as well. Many people think that dishwashers will have a massive impact on their energy bills and therefore opt for hand washing. Actually, a decent energy efficient dishwasher will use less water than washing by hand and is a lot quicker too! That means you can enjoy the winter evenings with your family instead of trying to scrape those dinner remnants out of pots and pans.

Top tip: Clean out your dishwasher using cleaning salts every month or so to keep it working efficiently and in tip top condition!

Energy efficient appliances are the best way of saving money and energy this winter. Get a highly rated appliance (A+ or higher) and you can enjoy savings for plenty of years to come.

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