India Questions: Making History with Interview Transcription

In June 2013, NDTV hosted a historic interview with Bill gates (founder of Microsoft) and Aamir Khan (actor). Fortunately for the public, this exchange was made available on the internet via interview transcription. The interview, hosted by Prannoy Roy on “India Questions,” was quite lengthy and covered a variety of topics. But the overriding theme—highlighting the commonality between Gates and Khan—was helping the less fortunate by means of healthcare. A few of the highlights of the interview’s transcription are as follows.

Bill Gates
Motivation: Gates’ wife has been a tremendous partner and supporter in all that he does. He described her as “energetic” and “passionate” with this new mission they’re embarking on. She has been ready and willing to assist him in this new phase of their lives in which they are doing more to help people on an individual level, specifically with health related issues.

Philanthropy will Grow: Gates is hopeful and optimistic that charity, humanity, and generosity will continue to grow in India. He feels that when people give charity, the people around them are more likely to want to give charity as well. He stated, “I hope that in 10 years from now we can say that this was the golden era of philanthropy in India and the rest of the world.”

Aamir Khan
Non-Religious Donations: Azim Premji has been an inspiration to Khan. As a result, Khan wants to encourage others in India to be more willing to join in on the philanthropic spirit. Specifically, he mentioned that people in India are really good at donating money to religious causes but he hopes that they can also make it a priority to donate money to education and healthcare also.

Healthcare: When comparing India to other countries, especially the United States, Khan expressed a sort of horror when realizing that India spends roughly 1.4% of their gross domestic product (GDP) on healthcare when the average country spends 8%. Gates interjected and stated that the totals in the US are around 19%. Khan brought up a very good point, asking how much India really values healthcare and the well being of their children. He stated that the question we should be asking our elected officials is this: “Is my health not important enough?”

Today’s Youth: Khan believes that today’s youth are more motivated than ever before. He can sense that they are willing to do things that his generation would never have dreamed of. When he sees the young people in the streets being willing to protest for various causes, he knows that they are ready to make India a better place. They want to grow and change.

Interview Transcription
The ability to use interview transcription can have profound effects on what information can be shared worldwide. This historic interview on “India Questions” between two such phenomenal men was an exciting event and one that was eagerly shared the world over.

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