New year, new home? Great style tips for around the home

Many people feel that the New Year is the perfect time to revamp the home, and they’re right! A new year gives plenty of people a fresh start and fresh look at things, which is why it is a great time to give your home a freshen up too. If you want to spruce up the home after Christmas then here are some great style tips to push you in the right direction.

The Kitchen
Quite possibly the most important room in your entire house. You will find that it is not just cooking that is done in your kitchen, but plenty of socialising and family meetings too. There is something about a kitchen that lures people in and makes them feel at home, meaning it is a great place to freshen up during the New Year. If you’re stuck for ideas then why not consider a modern and minimalistic kitchen? Keeping it de-cluttered with monochrome colours will looks great and not give any clues as to you being stuck for ideas. You can also add a splash of vibrant colour to bring a bit of your personality into a modern kitchen. Those who want something more cosy and family orientated should consider a country-style kitchen. Plenty of wood and pastel colours all come together to make this type of kitchen perfect for families and friends to get together.

The Bathroom
So many people forget their bathroom, which is a shame when it is supposed to be a place for rest and relaxation! If you find your coral coloured toilet and rickety old bath aren’t doing it any more then you definitely need a new year revamp. Remembering what your bathroom is used for is the best way to choose the style you want. A giant free standing bath will look fantastic, but if you mainly shower then it is just going to take up valuable space. Instead why not look into a double sized shower or even a wet room? Those who like to spend more time relaxing in the bathroom should look into neutral colours, deep baths and plenty of candles. Perfect!

The Bedrooms
New bedrooms are a great way of sprucing up the home with minimal effort. Depending on the bedrooms you are going to be tackling (guest bedrooms, master bedroom or the kids rooms) you will find there to be plenty of style ideas to make them look fantastic. Pick bright, captivating colours for the children and more subtle, pastel tones for the guest bedrooms. With your own bedroom, it is completely up to you! You could opt for something light, bright and airy or more deep tones and romantic. Ensure you pick a sturdy bed for all of the rooms that complements the colours and the rest of the furniture too. Finish off with some cushions and plenty of family photos.

A new home in the New Year can make you feel like a brand new person! Whether you want to tackle all of the rooms next year, or just do a few at a time, these style tips should help bring out your personality and artistic flair.

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