One World – Many Voices!

From village girls in Asia clad in jeans to Negro women donning Korean hairstyles, it’s no doubt that every corner of the globe regardless of race or economical status has heightened in terms of cultural diversity. Long gone are the days of our parents and grandparents where spotting an entity that just wouldn’t look local enough at the city square or market town was perceived as a totally queer scenario! With prospective immigrants ambling around every couple of yards along streets worldwide, learning a new language seems like a basic task that requires to be mandatorily accomplished prior to launching plans of travel.

Apart from planning temporary tours that include enjoyable activities such as trekking, hiking, sightseeing, shopping, sunbathing – what and what not; travelling for the purpose of enlightening one’s career seems to have become a norm these days. Herewith elaborated are just some of the reasons that shall deem worthwhile for the necessity of learning a foreign language exclusively as a means of motive for revving up a candidate’s potential toreap bigger and better opportunities in near future! Take a read!

Easier Communication

  • This factor seems like a no-brainer after mastering the fluency of a foreign language, regardless of your purpose of travel. It’s relieving to be able to directly relate to locals sans the guidance of an interpreter, or worse yet – haphazard facial expressions and gestures.

  • Fluent language skills escalate interpersonal communication to a positively intense level of quality, thereby improving relationships and even productivity at college or office in the long run.

  • Needless to say, who doesn’t love meeting and greeting individuals from an entirely different cultural background and feel the awe of learning customs that are just as entirely different from yours too?!

Stronger Portfolio

  • The diploma or degree earned after mastering the concepts of a new language is a variable that deserves to be noted down under the ‘Educational Qualifications’ tab in your curriculum vita regardless of which particular country you hail from per se, how remote the language is or whether you are even bound to migrate and put it to use! It’s not a commonly known fact that prospective employers prioritize on applicants who are capable of miscellaneous speaks that originate out of the conventional native bubble. Simultaneously they also diplomatically attempt in squeezing you into their organization due to your added advantage over your other competing counterparts! As cynical as an interviewer may seem, always remember that most reputed and unbiased employers are willing to work with you and not against you! Vice versa, a lesser knack for varied tongues shall also lessen your demand as an interacting ‘team player’ no matter how many certificates and referees you may possess!

AuthourBio: Sophie Taylor is an English writer who brings a level of realism to her work. Her work is her passion and she does it with great enjoyment. She is currently writing articles about Interpreting Services.

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