Online Voting Using the Social Mobile Apps

Government is necessary to maintain law and order in our country and in any part of the world and voting is necessary to select the most responsible and reliable government for the nation. The current system of voting requires setting of voting centers throughout the country and then requesting and motivating the voters to select the party of their choice. The party that gets the majority of votes gets the right to form the government. The winning party selects the prime minister from its candidates. Although this system of voting has formed many government in many elections but there could be something better than this voting system and that would save the resources and time of the nation so let’s see what could be the better system.

Better system of voting
Voting through voting centers has been in trend after independence but is there anything that could be something better than this. Yes, there could be something better than this and the better option could be to vote using the social mobile apps. This option is better because it can give many benefits to the nation so let’s focus on these benefits.

Saving of money
Do you know how much money is spending in every election? Billions of rupees (Indian Currency) are required in every election. This money is required to setup the polling centers and conduct all the activities related to voting. This money can be saved and used for the development of nation if the voting can be done online using the social mobile apps. There are many families that do not have a house to live in and food to eat and we are wasting money in elections. Let’s stop wasting money in elections and let the money to be used for the development of the poor.

Reduction in taxes
To meet the expenses of elections, government raises tax and this makes the situation difficult for many small businesses. Small businesses can survive better if they get some relief from taxes increasing every year and this could be possible if money is not wasted in the elections. The survival of more small businesses will improve the economy of the system.

Put a stop to forceful voting
Every one of us knows that some powerful candidates use their power and compel the voters to vote in favor of them. Is this type of forceful right? If not, then how can it be stopped? Online voting using the social mobile apps is the best way to put a stop to this type of voting as it might not be possible for the powerful leaders to take help of criminals and reach every house and force them to vote.

Stop criminal activities
Forceful elections also give rise to criminal activities and this could be stopped if election could be conducted online using the social mobile apps.

It is the responsibility of every responsible citizen and our youth to promote the concept of online voting using the social mobile apps and stop wasting money in elections. So let’s start online voting using the social mobile apps.

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