Removing Basement Molds

The growth of molds on the household is often feared by homeowners. This is because molds can often cause the deterioration of any wooden structure at home and can cause nasty diseases to household members. Molds often grow in areas where moisture is present like the kitchen and most especially the basement.


Poorly maintained and seldom cleaned basements can be a good hiding place for molds. However, the major contributor of molds in the basement is the presence of moisture or water due to ineffective or dysfunctional basement waterproofing. It is quite important therefore to be able to prevent the growth of mold in the house or if molds have already grown on some areas of the home,  it is essential the the homeowners take immediate action to remove it.

It is often advised that if the growth of molds is large scale around the home, it would be better to call professionals to remove it. But if the molds are deemed as non toxic and if the mold-infested area is small, the homeowners can remove the mold by themselves. First and foremost, mold remediation should be performed with protective gear. When getting rid of molds, it is most likely that the spores will be all over the place and can spread in the air. Goggles, gloves and dust filters should be used during mold remediation to prevent to homeowner from contracting any disease caused by the mold. Also, the whole body should be covered by overalls or any clothing which can be disposed off later.


In basements that have functional waterproofing, molds can grow to every nook and crany. That is why it is important to isolate the whole room first to prevent the molds from spreading all over the house. The doors of the basement should be shut and the room needs to be totally sealed off as a preventive measure. Some homeowners may wish to blow of the spores by applying negative pressure to the area, which can also be done by directing a fan from the room and letting the air blow off at a window or a vent. In this cause, the homeowner must remember to shut down any air condition equipment in the house before the mold remediation is started.

When removing the mold, it is always advised to spray some water on the moldy area just to moisten them and prevent the spores from spreading on the air. A range of products can used to kill the molds- most of which are basic household products like bleach or vinegar. Borax and ammonia can also be used to kill the molds. The homeowner should make sure that all ground are covered especially on the dark and often unseen corners of the basement. Sometimes, even walls need to be dismantled if the growth is really severe. In this case, do not even hesitate to bring down a whole wall to remove the molds because, if the mold problem is not properly addressed, chances are, molds will recur.

If there is a really serious mold growth in the basement due to water leakage or seepage of moisture, you might want to call a concrete repair service provider to do the necessary repair on your basement’s waterproofing. This will be a long term solution in preventing molds from growing back and infesting the basement and other parts of your home.

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