Roulette Number Software is the Choice of Winners

Roulette is a famous and most liked game among the gamblers. It is a game that you can play both online or offline but whether you play online or offline you can enjoy only if you know how to play the game. It is important to know and understand all the rules before playing the game and feel confident in the game. The players who want to make a big win take the support of a free Roulette Software such as Roulette Number Software.

What is the importance of chips?
You need to buy chips to play the game. Chips are actually tokens of some monetary value. Each player has to buy chips and these chips with different players are of different color so as to avoid confusion. So buy chips and start the game.

How does the Roulette look like?
Let’s talk about the European Roulette wheel. The wheel is placed on the table. The wheel in the European Roulette has 37 numbers and each number can be either red or black. Numbers start from 1 to 36 in which 18 are black and 18 are red. There is a 37th number Zero and the color of the number Zero is Green. No two numbers in series can be of same color. It means that any two numbers in series will have different color. There is also a ball and the winning number is one which that gets the ball.

How to play Roulette?
The concept of the game is to bet on a number from the numbers available in the wheel and then wait for that number to win after spinning of the wheel. You will have to bet on a single number and then the wheel will be spun. The ball is spun in the direction opposite to that of the wheel. The ball moves around the circumference of the roulette wheel. If the ball settles in the number you have selected then you will be the winner otherwise you will be the loser. So your win depends on the event of settling the ball in the number you have selected from 37 numbers. This shows that the game is more of luck rather than any fixed method but your luck can go in your favor if you have a good strategy and the support of free Roulette software.

What is Roulette Number Software?
The strategy of the software is to bet on the same number every time. Do not change the number until a win comes to your account. The software bets on a single number up to 185 times. It is true that you can lose many times but it is also true that a single win will be sufficient to cover previous losses and if the ball settles in your selected number more than once then you will be the big winner in the game. The key point of this software is to bet on a single number and stick to the number until the ball does not settle in this number.

Why not to choose another number?
Many players change their number very often when they do not win and they think that this way they can win easily. Many players bet on more than one number and they think that betting on more than one number will increase their chance of winning but it is not true. Now study this simple calculation and try to understand that why changing the number frequently or betting on more than one numbers is a wrong idea.

You can understand this calculation easily if you are aware of the concept of probability. If you have selected one number then the probability of settling the ball in that number is 1/37 because there are total 37 numbers. It means you will lose 36 times and win just 1 time. You bet $2 on one number and so you will lose $2 every time when the ball does not settle in this number. According to the concept of probability you are losing $2 x 36 = $72 and you win once so when you win your profit will be $2 x 36 – $2 = $70. $2 is subtracted at last because that is your own bet amount. As you can see you have won $70 and lost $72 so the total loss is just $2.

On the other hand if you are betting on more than one numbers say 0 and 1. Now you will win when the ball settles in 0 or 1 and will lose in all other events. So you can lose 2 times and win 35 times. You have bet $2 on each number so your total bet is $4 each time. If you lose 35 times then your total lost will be $140. You win on two numbers and you win $66 each time because it can be calculated as $2 x 35 – $4 = $66. $4 is subtracted at the end because that is your own bet amount and so it cannot be the profit. You will $66 each time so the total amount you win $132 while the amount that you have lost is $140 so the total loss is $8. The total loss was $2 when you bet on a single number but it came to $8 when you bet on two numbers.

Why to try the Roulette Number software?
The above calculation shows that your loss will increase if you bet on more numbers so bet on a single number and stick to it as advised by the Roulette Number software. You should try this free Roulette software because the software does all the calculation and you do not need to worry so try the free Roulette software and improve your chances of winning in the long run. Roulette Number software is the choice of winners.

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