SEO views in the year 2013

Many of the SEO experts deliberately try new methods in SEO to obtain high Page Ranks in huge search engines like Yahoo and Google. It’s obvious that most of the SEO companies has a ‘to do list’ and they keep their finger crossed for positive results. In 2013, SEO has provided plenty of opportunities to see beyond and it’s mainly focused on quality. It needs some valuable efforts to put through in order to get a better PageRank.

If we consider anchor tags, there could be a doubt how it should work on pages. There’s so much content created daily. The celebrities, businessman and ecommerce websites are being created. Nowadays through smart phones and computers people have access to internet every single minute. Also due to the influenced economy people tend to purchases online. Contents are being created. It is important for the content to be unique. It truly matters how often the content is being shared among the community. Good content has many followers and the content you write should get updated. Otherwise you may lose best of your followers. Google Spam team is specific on quality of content and they are in search of quality contents and authors.

Mobile marketing also has a major impact on SEO trends. If you have worked in Google analytics, you would realise the growth of mobile users and search engine access. It is around 16%, which is a significant percentage which make us realize, the importance of SEO campaigns. It has come to a point that large business owners cannot neglect SEO because of the demand for local searches. They should understand that domain age plays a huge role for SEO. Therefore, if they haven’t created websites they should quickly work through it and SEO.

Social media always had influence over SEO. It is predicted that Google+ usage would be increased. Face book introduced a powerful tool which is a ‘search graph’. Search Graph changes as we search online and when the time pass by it will monitor the consumer behavior. I assume that there will be two kinds of searches in Facebook in future. The first method would be to search videos and blogs and the second would be ‘Social Graph’ and your friends would lead to it. Concentrate more on creating your profile in Facebook, Twitter and when it comes to creating blogs, just keep in mind about ‘perfect authorship’. Many youngsters as well as the adults often do video sharing and as per the latest trend sharing videos, help better rankings in search results. Gather best of the videos you have and try search engine optimisation on them. Uploading videos to YouTube also could be of help. Realise how you could make your content be found in search engines. Press releases which would produce latest news or updates in the industry or the company can be supportive. Try to connect news to SEO before releasing to the public. Also integration with social media could be useful.

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