Setting Up Your Security System: The Best Locations For Surveillance Cameras

If you are planning to protect your office, store or warehouse with a new security system, then one of the most important parts of your strategy is planning where to put the cameras. Once wired cameras have been installed it can be difficult to move them around, so you want to get all of the most important places covered with your first installation.

It is also important that your cameras are in places where they are going to be highly visible. This will give your employees and customers peace of mind, and will serve as a heavy deterrent to anyone considering doing anything criminal.

Here are the most important places to put the cameras you install to protect your business:

Public and Private Doors

The key entry point for your customers should be covered by a camera that can capture their features. This means the camera should cover a range about three feet wide (about the width of the door itself), and should be in a well lit position. As a door to the outside opens, the sudden hit of daylight can make people’s features appear dark and impossible to distinguish on camera, so if your premises has a door to the outside (as opposed to being in a similarly lit mall or office building) then it is better to film people as the leave with a camera pointing into the premises than as they enter.

Private doors to stock rooms and staff only areas should also be protected by cameras. This will allow you to tell if any unauthorized people have entered, or to know which staff were using the doors when if there is an incident in an area only your employees can access.

Target Areas

Your business security cameras should cover the areas where crime is most likely to occur. These will usually be things like cash registers (which can be targets for theft both from intruders and employees), and areas where valuable or commonly stolen items are on display. If you own a convenience store, for example, shelves with items like alcoholic drinks should be filmed, as these are things opportunists will regularly attempt to steal. If you own a business with a lot of valuable items, for example a jewellery store, you should still have cameras on all of your cabinets, even if other security measures like locks are used. This can capture anything that happens when an employee have unlocked and taken out the expensive items.

Outdoor Areas

If you have a back entrance in an alley, or any other secluded outdoor space (for example a parking lot), then using cameras to watch and guard these areas is a good idea. This is one area where the deterrent factor really comes into play, as someone is far less likely to try and break into your customers’ or employees’ cars or gain entry through the back of your property if there is an obvious camera. Cameras filming where cars are parked should be positioned so that there is a good chance of catching the plates of a car.

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