Six Best Tips to be Green in Your Professional Life

You may be earning a fat salary at the end of the month but that does not mean that you can’t contribute towards your environment. We are surviving because there is freshness around Earth and constant continuity of oxygen. We can’t even imagine a single day without having right kind of air to breathe or without having clean and clear vision of greenery. You are able to give good presentations at work because every time you see outside your window you get a glimpse of pure lush green scenery, thanks to the green trees that stand with their heads up high.

Mother Earth gives us so much and hence even if you are working, it is your duty to appreciate what she has blessed you with. Following are the six best tips that you should follow in order to have a Green Professional Life:

Go Green:
All you can do to motivate yourself and your team to respect what the nature has given us, is by keeping a Go Green day at your workplace. What needs to be done? You just need to keep a dress code and make it compulsory that all the members of your team have to wear green. It can be of any shade. If they have good slogans about trees and plants on their t-shirts, much better!

Plant a tree:
It may be difficult for you to find out time to have your lunch, but you can always take out at least ten minutes in a month or once in two months to plant a tree. Planting a tree is extremely simple and takes not more than 7 to 8 minutes. Once you plant a tree, you would book certain amount of oxygen for your child!

Plants at workplace:
Imitated things can never be real and hence get rid of those artificial flowers and plants that you have on the table of your cabin. Go ahead and buy two to three real plants and keep them near that huge glass window of your cabin. Now make sure you water these plants every day before starting your work.

Buy eco-friendly products:
Every office is full of papers, files and other such stuff that are made by harmful materials that cause damage to the environment. Hence, you can always extend a helping hand towards the nature by replacing such stuff with the ones that can be recycled and those that do not cause any harm to the nature and future generation.

Celebrate the Earth Day:
We all have time to celebrate Rose day, friendship’s day, chocolate day, Valentine’s day and god knows what all days but there are a very few organizations that celebrate Earth Day. Hence, go ahead and make sure that all of your team mates celebrate this day by doing something special for the environment.

Distribution of green products to the team mates:
Every company gives some sort of a price as an appreciation token to the employees who work hard in the organization. Similarly, your company may be involved in such activities and award functions as well. Therefore, replace such awards or stuff with products that help you give a part of nature to your employees. This way, you would not only appreciate your employees but would be able to do something wonderful towards nature.

This planet has been created for us and by us; hence it has to be protected by us as well. Therefore, if every person would take the initiative to do something better for the nature, he or she would automatically save a part of it for the future generation. We all should consider this as our duty and responsibility.

Author Bio- This post has been written by Richard Jones. He loves to write about Environment. He recommends Commonground for providing best environmental related services.

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