Steps To Publicizing Your Business With Public Relations Resources And More

So you have developed a great product and want the world to know about it so you embark on finding public relations resources and as many ways to promote your product as you can find.

What are the more simple ways to promote your product or service?
The most popular way is social media advertising. This can be done cheaply or done expensively and you may want to do both depending on what your budget is.  Here is the example, of both. The first thing you have is a website and the next thing would be to create the Facebook page for your product or service. One you have done that you would of course link your page to the main webpage.

Then you have to make sure your target audience sees you and can contact you. Most pages just sit there unnoticed for a long time. This is because Facebook kind of has you locked in meaning you almost have to spend to get noticed. If you send e mails with your links to your ‘friends’ then you are reported as being spamy and if you place the link directly on their wall then that also happens.

Facebook has pay per click ads by which you create an ad and FB will place it alongside people’s walls that have similar interests which the cookies that FB installs will tell them. This is an expensive way to use social media as public relations resources for your business. You are basically paying each time someone clicks but this is not guaranteeing a sale. It will however fulfill the public relations part as more people will see you.

What about Twitter?
You can bypass the pay per click ordeal by linking your FB account to Twitter which is free! You simply create a blog on Twitter or you can have a featured time each week or even each day whichever you choose to have a question and answer session or a live chat session on different subjects that pertain to your business. For example you own a DIY company and each Tuesday you feature a live chat that talks about different aspects of DIY. By linking it up to FB you can advertise to your friends on YOUR own wall and set up your Twitter link there. This way they get the alert FREE and will end up ion Twitter FREE and you have then created your own public relations resources free!

Other public relations resources
There are online public relations sites like HARO powered by Vocus and PressWiki that are brilliant free public relations resources that you can start with right now. Aside from that while you are utilizing those, you can start building your own press contact list by looking at all the publications that are published in your genre and compiling all the contact information for all the relevant writers and bloggers that will be writing and reviewing in your genre and contact them.

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