Technology, Future and Mystery

I don’t know where the bits and bytes are heading. I don’t understand what kind of a world or what kind of realities are waiting to unfold in this revolution. Are things moving towards simplicity? Or are things going to get more and more complicated? Are we going to achieve an ultimate enlightenment? Or are we going to become parts of a programme and get stuck within ones and zeros forever?

The reason for my fears and doubts to be in ones and zeros must be clear to you. The future of technology is clearly heading towards a level beyond the physical world. Even now the world is largely depending on the digital realm perhaps more than the physical world. The once manual processes like business, fashion, music have now undergone a dimensional shift into a world of ones and zeros. The technology in the olden days had its motivations and aspirations based on requirement but from recently, it has reached a point of saturation where it’s seemingly exceeding the limits of requirement and even enhancement, the technology today is evolving towards a fantasy. It’s heading towards a whole new world which we cannot comprehend. The imaginations of today are realities in future and there is so much a man can presumably imagine about an unknown realm without knowing the boundaries and the parameters the future holds in its arms.

As complex and twisted as the above philosophy sounds, let’s look at some scientific possibilities in the future. With the dawn of string theory and the theories of probability and the existence of extra dimensions, the understanding of the way things work has changed drastically. The whole universe in our understanding is based on quantization. Taking off the basic sense of quantization and the firmness of the macro world and saying that the micro world is flexible in those regards and that the actual reality could be a sense of absolution is kind of nerve wrecking. If the logic and quantization are illusions of the moment, and if the word moment itself is a relative term which would not manifest in a higher dimension, it changes the whole face of technology. What I’m simply getting at is, what if the technology somehow someway finds a way to break the dimensional barrier? What if technology of the future holds another reality altogether?

So many questions but very less answers. Our perception itself is confined in a small box of five senses. Talking about the future of technology, I could have taken the simple path of talking about the current trends and the very near possibilities and improvisations but I decided to take a leap and fast forward through to a timeless possibility. As philosophical and unrealistic as it may sound, they are factual possibilities and sadly there is no way to be more specific about unresolved possibilities. These possibilities however are dead serious and far worse than the H.G. Wells’s time machine. It is a mystery.

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