The best gadgets to help this Christmas

Christmas, that fun time of year in which your house gets trashed and the whole family all want to come round at once. Although festive for all of us, sometimes the stress can just be too much and keeping on top of everything else is nearly impossible. When the little ones want to spend days playing with their new toys and making a mess, all you want to do is put your feet up and relax. Here are some of the best gadgets to help you do just that this Christmas.

Quick cleans
It is inevitable that your house is going to becoming a dumping ground for at least a week over the festive period. There will be laundry piling up as people try on their new Christmas jumpers, courtesy of Grandma and dishes sitting in the sink with leftover gravy still stuck on. The fact is, unless you have the joys of a cleaner to visit your house on Boxing Day, you are going to need to tackle at least some of these problems. How? I hear you scream. With plenty of gadgets. A decent washer dryer will get that laundry pile shrunk in no time and a dishwasher will empty the sink for you. Now all you need is a heavy duty hoover for those bits of fake snow and wrapping paper and you can finally sit down and relax! Okay, so you may not have all of these things but that is what a list to Santa is for right?

The Christmas Dinner
Everybody loves a good Christmas dinner and if it is your turn to host the family then it is your turn to do all of the cooking. There’s nothing wrong with trying to balance cleaning, family life and cooking a meal for 20 as long as you have the right tools for the job. A food blender will whisk up those sauces, soups and stuffings in a hurry. You can even use it to liquidise Grandpa’s food if he’s had a bit too much brandy. A microwave is a must for all of those quick fixes that you purchased at the supermarket. Try to hide the give away ‘ping’ from the mother in law though, even if you have seen her using a microwave before (she’ll never admit it). Finally, a good sized coffee machine for that after dinner lull when the Queen’s speech is on and the After Eight’s have come out early. The family will be impressed with the range of coffee on offer, from your standard black coffee to a more fancy latte.

After all of that is said and done you will find that Christmas Day will be a walk in the park. Almost. Having thec right gadgets available can ensure that you spend more time enjoying this festive season than cleaning up after everyone else. If all else fails, suggest Christmas dinner round someone else’s house this year!

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