Things To Bear In Mind When Doing Product Photography

Capturing all the characteristics of a product in a photograph with details is an art.  It is the photographer behind the camera whose skill counts. Product photography is mostly for promotional purposes so you must show the product in such a way as to bring out the best. The aim is to get a sharp and a clear photograph of a single product.The products to be photographed may vary in variety like it can be a food or a beverage, handbags or jewellery.  Whatever the product is, the basic guidelines remain the same with slight variation for each kind of product.  Read on to learn a handful of useful tip to help you in photographing a product.


It is important to keep the attention on the product in the picture.  The background will only distract the customer from the subject and will only clutter the image.  This can be easily done by using a good, fast lens of f 3.5 or less.  It tends to keep the background out of focus and even improve the lightning for you. Also, position your product a little in-front of the white background which will allow a better focus of the product through your camera in its widest apertures. The zoom in feature is also very helpful in this regard and lets you avoid frequent movement.  Tripods are a great help when picturing the product with stability however, hand held cameras would also suffice if used properly.

To avoid any noise in the picture, go for a white background.  Similarly a black background would also go well depending upon the colours in the product.  Keep in mind to use plain colours in the background.  White turns out best as it helps you in the soft-wares when cropping and manipulating the image.  In order to create a mini studio or the perfect background, you could either put a white cardboard or cloth for the immaculate shots.

The light while photographing has to be really good otherwise you would have dark shadows in the picture.  This is what you certainly do not want to have.  Let the natural light come in through the window along with the flash.  The flash would help to cover any shadows if formed.

Simplicity is the best policy, so avoid taking photos from awkward angles.  Front-on photograph of the product gets a clear statement about the product

Take a lot of photographs and then finalise the image of your desire. Experiment with varying lenses, distances and angles of the image to choose from.

Always remember to post process your photos as a final touch to perfection.  There is so much more that you can do with your image to get it right like; fix the light, remove the noise, add the colour boosters and sharpen the image.  Processing your photos is as much time consuming as the process of taking the photographs.  The end product will be worth the effort.

Thus, product photography if done properly with all the above tips in mind can give you great chances to flourish by selling your images to retail websites.

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