Top document sharing websites that will help drive traffic

If you are looking out for the most effective search engine optimization, consider document sharing sites. These websites index content and are becoming the most sought-after platforms to derive search engine results. All you have to do is write a creative and crisp content that are informative. You can backlink your keywords and direct readers to your website to increase traffic. Here are few benefits of using document sharing sites:

  • Unlike many article directories, document sharing websites are user-friendly and fall within your budget. Your content goes live and is available to readers immediately.

  • The informative content you load will attract who are looking for answers to their queries which in turn generate traffic to your website.

  • You can get quality backlinks from websites with high ranks which increase the visibility of your site.

  • Document sharing websites are easily indexed by search engines which increases your website ranking.

Here are top document sharing websites that will help drive traffic:

It is an excellent data sharing website for any small-scale company. It is both a data sharing website and a social networking platform. The website hosts an impressive number of corporates and professional documents. The target audience is professionals in various fields. They cover all categories: educational, creative, legal, financial, business, etc. it supports all Microsoft files and PDFs as well. It is a ‘free registration’ website.

Many of you would have heard about Scribd. Though it is a similar document sharing site as DocStoc, the targeted readers are individuals. Scribd is one of the most populated document sharing website with millions visiting the site every month. Scribd covers an amazing range of categories from business to pets and humor. The categories make it is one of the most user-friendly platforms available.

Want to earn a few dollars with your content? Gazhoo is a perfect website. It is a part of Scribd Company.  It is a platform for readers to search for topics and preview articles for free. However, if they wish to download, they have to pay the denomination set by the article writer (you). It is a platform for business professionals and has categories for presentations templates, reports, essays and market research.

Microsoft Office Online:
Microsoft offers an optimum document sharing website through Microsoft Office Online. The site has over hundred templates you can download for free. The site allows you to upload personalized templates and share with other users. You can search templates by categories. It is absolutely free and you can choose from the myriad templates available.

Google Docs:
You can share documents and choose to download one of the many template options available. All the templates available have been designed by Google and in future Google is planning to add user-generated templates. The targeted audience is individual readers. It supports open document formats, PDF and most of Microsoft documents. It is available free of cost.

These are some of the popular document sharing websites you can use. To upload your content on these platforms, you just have to sign-up with these sites using your mail address. Document sharing sites have become excellent platforms for marketers to create backlinks and increase traffic to their respective websites.

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