Top Gardening Tips

Here are a few gardening tips for the novice gardener who’s plan is to try out gardening as a hobby.

Looking After Your Houseplants – Most houseplants can thrive in a well-lit draught free spot with high humidity levels and even temperature. Flowering plants require more light that plants with plain green foliage while ferns are grown better in dark corners. Succulent and carnivorous plants such as cacti can be kept on a bright windowsill but make sure that it does not scorch in the sun. If there are flower pots without flowering then improve their light conditions.

-          Most houseplants die due to over watering. You should try to keep the compost moist but wait until it has dried out before watering again. You should also consider the wet weather at all times. Water less in winter than in summer and always water from above. Most houseplants can survive when being left for a couple of weeks. All you have to do is water them thoroughly before you leave.

-          Many houseplants grow without feeding but flowering plants will require a weekly dose of liquid feed.

-          Most plants are also easy to look after. You can pinch off dying flowers and remove yellowing leaves. You can also remove unruly branches.

-          To get rid of houseplant pests, you can use an organic soft soap spray.

Choosing Pots and Containers – Choose pots that have drainage holes, that are large enough for your plant and also suits the style of your garden. You might be surprised as to the styles of pots that are available.

-          Glazed and stone pots are good for ornamental display and you can also try various looks with your plants.

-          When it comes to the preparation of pots, you can use multipurpose compost which is peat-free. Compost can also be improved if you add a few water-retaining crystals.

-          Since many pots contain single large drainage holes, you can cover it with a layer of broken bits of pot to prevent it from being blocked by compost.

-          You can replace the top soil of your potted plant with a fresh layer of compost when the winter ends.

When Growing Fruit and Vegetable Trees – The most common fruit trees that people tend to plant are apple trees but you can also try out the plum, pear and even fig tree.

-          When preparing the tree, you have to soak the roots before planting. Avoid planting them if there is frost.

-          If space in your garden is limited then prefer to plant it near a fence so that it can soak up the heat and support the tree.

Greenhouse Maintenance – Make sure that you water regularly so that the compost does not dry out. Weed around plants and in flower beds. Always make sure that the plants are fed as well. Put up a shade if there is too much sun.


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