Traditional Coffee Franchises

Coffee, java, the cup that wakes you up…coffee is known by many names but one thing is certain, it will never go out of style. We rely on that little bean to give us our morning rush of energy and for that reason coffee franchises will never go out of style.

When you think of coffee, does a certain brand automatically come to mind? Do you see yourself drinking a tall cup of Seattle Drip finest brew, or maybe you’re a Caribou Coffee kind of person? Whichever brand you choose, if coffee is your passion, then perhaps you should give a try at a coffee franchise.

Some of the top franchises available in the world of coffee include brands such as:

•    Caribou Coffee

•    Cinnabon

•    Sertino’s

•    Seattle Drip

•    Dunkin Donuts

While there are also a number of ways to get your coffee, still one of the most popular of these franchises is the coffee house. Walking into a coffee shop, inhaling the vibrant fragrance of the brew and carefully choosing a flavor is just one of the most wonderful morning cup experiences we get. It is a little way of treating yourself before work, a method of relaxing, a great way to meet friends and sit down to chat. Being part of a traditional sit-down coffee house is also a rewarding franchise experience.

One of the perks for owning a coffee shop is the ability to create atmosphere for those people who need their morning kick. You get to set the mood by playing soft music over through the store, strategically choosing magazines to set out for customers to purchase and read and best of all you get to give your customers a choice of tasty goodies to go along with their coffee.

Some of the best coffee places are better known by their tasty pastry sidekick. For example, Dunkin Donuts is one of the leading brands in franchise purchases, however, it’s not just the donuts this company is notable for. Dunkin Donuts also has their own coffee brand to go with their sugary sweet treats. Investing in a Dunkin Donuts allows you the opportunity to hone in on both the coffee industry and the donuts industry which is, in effect, double your investment.

Cinnabon is another well recognized company that offers something more than just coffee. Cinnabon offers people a number of sweet treats in the form of cinnamon rolls, something that is a favorite for those who find donuts a little too everyday for their taste. Cinnabon offers an excellent alternative to donuts while still maintaining that coffee and sweet morning treat. Both companies are well known and both have excellent investment opportunities.

Sitting down in shops such as Caribou Coffee holds a magic over people and by investing in a sit down style coffee shop you are guaranteed return customers. Sit down coffee franchises, depending on which brand you choose, are often higher in start-up costs than other franchises, however, the return, the investment and the security make coffee a franchise investment. For more information, please visit: coffee shop franchise.

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