What Are The Main Areas Of Aerospace Services?

Satellites have gone from being futuristic fantasies to nitty gritty tools that help in mundane everyday activities such as talking on a cell phone, using GPS navigation to find the best way to a new job or using an online local search to find the nearest pizza place. The novelty of this has worn off, and we now completely and thoroughly take this technology for granted, rarely marveling at the astonishing sophistication of the machinery involved behind the scenes. But those satellites launch themselves into space, and behind the scenes is a wide array of engineers and other specialists in aerospace services.

What exactly is the field of aerospace services? What is involved? The term covers four general areas: manufacturing, sales, repair and testing.

•    Manufacturing: All the specialized equipment and parts used in everything from satellites to aircrafts has to firm be designed and manufactured. This is a massive undertaking requiring a comprehensive team of innovative and well educated experts and a well-managed production process using cutting edge machinery. Quality is imperative because safety is non-negotiable in the aerospace industry.

•    Sales: The cell phone networks, airlines and military have to purchase their equipment from somewhere, and they need to have confidence in the companies providing the goods.Whether it is a network of satellites or a spare part for launch equipment, the role of the sales force is not just to close a deal but to comprehensively understand the customer’s needs and find the best product available to meet those needs.

•    Repair: All machinery eventually breaks down, and aerospace equipment is extremely sophisticated. It requires the highest level of expertise to repair or refit this equipment. Military equipment is eventually retired and can be refitted to serve in the civilian sector, and that is a big part of the aerospace repair field.

•    Testing: Safety is paramount for every use of aerospace equipment, as is precision. So testing is a critical step in the design, manufacture and repair of any and every type of aerospace product. Testing is automated to ensure it is comprehensive and precise every single time with no room for human error to jeopardize safety or performance.

The aerospace industry has expanded far, far beyond commercial and military flight equipment. It is far more than airplanes and helicopters now, including the sophisticated satellites that keep so much of our communication systems operating – right down to your cell phone.

With the insatiable demand for cell phones, smart devices and global positioning systems, this is a field that can expect continued demand for its products and services around the world. Not only are we increasingly dependent on the latest satellite-dependent gadget and thus creating more demand for expanded services that require more equipment, this is also equipment that needs to be continually tested and serviced. Aerospace services is an industry today’s world is increasingly dependent on, and so it has a very bright future indeed.

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