What Makes a Great Voice Teacher?

For those interested in studying singing or voice, it is necessary to find a skilled and experienced vocal teacher. While there may be many voice teachers available, what exactly makes a great vocal instructor?

First, seek out a reputable music school or college in the local area. Most well-established music schools or institutions of higher learning have voice lessons available that are taught by well-qualified and degreed teachers. Find a vocal teacher who matches the desires of an individual. Ask at the administrative office as to which vocal teacher might be right for the singing goals that are desired. If a student is interested in studying opera, find a teacher who has extensive experience in this vocal art form.

Consider auditioning voice teachers by having a lesson or two to see if personalities and teaching style are a good fit. Do stick it out for more than one session as it is hard to fully evaluate a vocal coach or teacher after only one lesson.

The voice lesson should begin with warm-up scale-singing so that the teacher may establish the singing range and ability of the individual. A good voice teacher pushes you, gently but firmly, offering small praises and suggestions for improvement. While a new voice student may feel out of their comfort zone, this is entirely appropriate for learning new singing skills.

A good vocal teacher assigns daily practice exercises specifically designed for the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. If the student’s head voice is weak, this is where a good vocal teacher focuses so that the whole vocal range has the same ability. At each new lesson, a great vocal teacher is able to maintain continuity in teaching from week to week. Also, a good teacher gently confronts students who are not practicing every day. After all, why pay for lessons if one is not going to practice?

Listen to the vocal teacher. Good voice teachers can show a student how a song should sound and are willing to sing it. A great teacher is also usually an adept pianist who may accompany a student during the lesson.

Care of the voice and vocal chords is particularly important in singing. A good vocal teacher encourages proper hydration and teaches how to not damage the voice by pushing to sing too loudly or too long.

Learning to sing properly should also be fun. Look for a vocal teacher who finds ways to hold a student’s interest by introducing new songs, or through friendly competition between voice students. If a voice teacher wants to teach the same song for several months, it’s hard to stay passionate about learning to sing it properly.

The best vocal teachers are well-qualified and patient individuals who can tailor voice lessons to meet individual student needs.

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